How to Coordinate Men's Skinny Neckties With an Outfit

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It is the summer of 2009 and men's skinny ties have permeated practically every advert and runway as well as commercials and TV shows such as Mad Men, which is set in a time when narrow neckties were at their height. Even some the cops in the Law and Order Criminal Intent episodes don this slimmer neckwear. So what is the best way to wear skinny ties? As with their regular width cousins, they are the dazzler or they blend in. Sometimes they can accomplish both.

Blending In
Hugo Boss ads have often featured a monochromatic ensemble which is sometimes even all black: Black suit, black shirt and a thin black necktie. Now that is a lot of black, and I would instead suggest staying within a family of complementary colors whereby the neckwear blends in and takes on a more passive role. Even mixing patterns such as plaids with stripes and keeping your tie in a harmonious color will work. Don't choose one which is lighter than the lightest shade of your attire. Also, small allover patterns will blend in better than those with sweeping designs. Now stand in front of the mirror, and if your eye wanders over the entire outfit instead of zeroing in on the necktie, you have accomplished what you've set out to do.

Standing Out
You can still stick with a monochromatic theme if that's what you prefer. This time choose thin neckwear with striking colors or brighter shades. Turning to the most extreme example, think of what black attire with a white tie looks like. Yours and everyone else's attention is drawn to the lightest or most colorful part of the ensemble. Also, large foulard patterns will stand out much more than their understated counterparts.

Or try ones with a novelty theme. After all, that is the point of wearing clothing and accessories with a subject matter: to draw attention to your interests. The novelty theme need not be big and familiar icons such as cartoon characters work well.

Vintage skinny ties are a great choice with which to highlight your attire. For one, they offer many more patterns than today's usual suspects, so the designs in and of themselves will interest others. Secondly, some of the color combinations which were typical of the 50's and 60's are considered unusual today.

One thing vintage narrow neckwear often contains which today's counterparts lack is a flourish or embellishment in the center of the necktie which serves as a visual anchor point. Often is comes in the form of a single geometric shape, fleur-de-lis, even novelty themes such as sport fish, unicorns, the list goes on. Since such an embellishment is not common to today's ties, even though it is small, it will serve a much more active role than any new neckwear ever could.


Only you can decide on how to use your skinny tie, as the centerpiece, the dazzler to your entire ensemble or as an understated accompaniment meant to blend in. Either way, you can't go wrong!

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How to Coordinate Men's Skinny Neckties With an Outfit

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This article was published on 2010/03/26